Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Original vs. Giclee vs. Print

Things to consider when you're purchasing art:

An original is the actual piece of artwork that the artist's hand created. Whether it be oil, watercolor, colored pencil - whatever medium - it is the first generation. Prices vary from artist to artist but keep in mind there is only this one original so pricing will reflect that.

A giclee is a very high quality ink jet print - generally using archival inks. Although much more expensive than something off your standard home office ink jet printer it still is far less expensive than a lithograph which is how prints were made years ago. The artist begins by ordering a high resolution scan of the original to insure detail clarity. Artists will often run a particular number of these prints and offer them as limited editions. Signed by the artist it's a very nice runner up to an original if one is not in your budget.

A print is just that. Run on a standard ink jet printer - certainly a higher quality than the average personal computer's sidekick but more affordable than a giclee. If cared for properly - framed, matted and out out of bright sunlit areas - a print can be very durable and a terrific option when buying art.

Investing in art can be a big decision. You should buy what you like. Here's a tip: You see a painting you absolutely love. Something in it just sings to you. Trouble is it's in a dark traditional cherry wood frame with a hunter green matte and you live in an ultra modern space full of chrome and frameless windows. Consider getting the artwork reframed rather than passing it up. The added cost of custom framing is well worth it when making the commitment to original wall art.

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