Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Mary Sheehan Winn!

Let's give Mary a proper intro. 
I was introduced to Mary Sheehan Winn about a month ago. I accompanied our mutual friend (and fellow HomeGrown artist) Sally Dean to Provincetown to visit Mary at the shed she had rented along the pier where she planned to sell her artwork. I instantly gravitated to this particular little painting. How sweet this half pint looks  - the subject so well complemented by Mary's vivid palette. 

We're lucky to have this gorgeous 6"X6" original at HomeGrown Arts and Crafts along with 7 others from from her Daily Paintworks series.  Also available from Mary is great selection of prints and giclees of paintings inspired by her surroundings and recent travels. 

"I am always looking at the world through a painter's eyes. If I'm not painting, I'm thinking about it or reading about it. I hope you all have something in your lives that gives you as much joy as painting does me. If not yet. Go find it!"  ~Mary

Take a look at her "Just Painting" blog she created in 2005, allowing us a peek into her painting world and studio in Rockland where she teaches classes in both oils and watercolors. Mary's warm personality carries through to her canvases. I think that's evident in all of the work that's shown at HomeGrown and that's what makes it such a joyful place.

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