Thursday, August 18, 2011


Sally Dean!

A few years ago I worked at the Duxbury Art Association. I was exposed to a lot of great art and met some really amazing folks while I was there. Sally Dean is one of those people. Her art work is totally representative of her fun-loving personality. Whimsical, bright, vibrant – are all words I would use to describe both her work and herself. Currently she's got a one-gal show at the Hingham Library that is definitely worth making a special trip to see.

Her large canvases are truly a pleasure to look at. Sounds like an odd way to describe paintings but it's true - instant good mood. My favorite in the show is this one with the teapot. In person it appears as if the lamp is actually glowing. It's 30" x 30"  –  pretty impressive.

Equally as impressive is that this adorable little cat is only 4"x4". This tiny painting is a huge favorite of mine and is now for sale at HomeGrown. Sally's got a great sampling of her panels that she did for her 365 Flower Challenge - painting a flower a day for an entire year. An accomplished mixed media artist as well, her quirky little statuettes are so much fun.

Sally's planning on teaching several classes this fall - for children as well as adults. She has an uncanny knack of fostering the creativity in just about anyone. Welcome Sally!

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