Friday, August 26, 2011


Betsey Borden!

Synonymous with talent and fine craftsmanship in Duxbury is the name Betsey Borden. I hadn't even completed my very first day of business when I heard mention of Betsey and her many gifts. Since then it's a name mentioned quite often from customers and admirers of her style. She once ran a business called the Snowy Owl out of the same space I rent as HomeGrown Arts and Crafts. So when Betsey walked into the shop one day and introduced herself I felt like I was meeting a celebrity. And she sort of is.

Her Nantucket baskets are sought after and collected by many. I know that first hand because soon after we met - and hit it off instantly - Betsey lent me a few pieces from her personal collection to display. People were drawn to them right away and recognized them as Betsey's. Yesterday she brought me a gorgeous large basket she had just completed in hues of purple.  Stunning! The craftsmanship is unreal.

Betsey's botanical prints created from her original watercolors are as equally beautiful.  She also makes casts of starfish with two molds that she created herself. Durable and fetching they're as impressive hung on the wall as displayed in the garden. I'm very excited to see what else this talented lady has up her sleeve and am so happy to have her as one of the wonderful artists at HomeGrown Arts and Crafts.

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