Sunday, August 28, 2011

C'mon Irene!

Myself and Liza Abelson, another artist here at HomeGrown were scheduled to attend the Newport Arts Festival down at the Yacht Club on Commercial Wharf this weekend as exhibitors but Irene had other plans. We were just two of the 65 artists and craftspersons juried into the prestigious festival celebrating its fifth year. Liza's beautiful stained glass creations wouldn't have stood up against the 80 mile an hour gusts and I would have been chasing beads all over the docks so I guess it's a good thing they cancelled. ;-) They've rescheduled the event for September 24 and 25th. Not sure if I can work it out so that Boston Baked Beads will be represented yet but I know that Liza is planning on being there with Dasken Designs. In the meantime HomeGrown is closed today so we're running a little Facebook contest. Win your own "Eye of the Storm" bracelet (more commonly known as the "candy" bracelet but I needed to tie it into the hurricane!). Check out the details on our Facebook page.

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