Monday, June 18, 2012

Tiny Telescopic iPhone Camera Lens

I'm a major league fan of anything/everything Apple. I use my iPhone constantly as my connection to the world. The camera is so convenient and really takes great pictures. However, it's not really great at taking shots from a distance. (And the flash stinks - don't even bother trying to take pictures at a party at night or in any other poorly lit situation) This morning, at the crack of dawn — when I was supposed to be sleeping late — I was researching telescopic lenses for the iPhone. I really wanted a Rollei but I think they're only available in Europe at the moment. I settled for a Sound Logic. (?) I've never heard of the brand but figured for $34.99 I can't go wrong. It even comes with a tiny tripod. I have an idea for a series of scratchboards I'd like to do which will require a little voyeurism on my part. Nothing weird - let's just call them candid shots - it sounds so much better. I'll keep you updated as to whether or not I've wasted my $35.

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