Friday, May 11, 2012

Henna Alphabet Art

And here it is - one of the ideas that has been stuck in my head! Hand pulled through the etching press using Akua soy based inks on Copperplate paper. Each imprint is just a little different from the next and the embossed heart adds a sweet touch. My artwork is based on the art of Henna tattoo - often used to adorn brides to be in the middle east. How appropriate  - as I was thinking this would make such a lovely to celebrate an engagement, wedding or anniversary. The colors can be customized - (perhaps the bridesmaids gown color?) . Gold and silver ink can also be used for a 50th or 25th wedding anniversary. Dates and surnames can be added in calligraphy as well. If you're planning on placing an order try and give me a week or two if you can - the ink takes forever to dry!
PS - I also do these in a single version matted to fit a standard 11"x14" frame. I'm thinking new babies, grads, housewarming gifts, bridesmaids gifts. This one is a gift for my niece on her Communion. It's a surprise so I hope she doesn't read my blog ;-)

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