Friday, January 6, 2012

Millbrook Revitalization

In just a couple of weeks we'll be getting a new neighbor. Right around the corner on the side of the building that houses HomeGrown a candy shop called Sweet Treats will be opening its doors. A cross between the candy shop in the film Chocolat and Willy Wonka's factory - I'm more excited than the kids in the neighborhood. So much for cutting down on sugar! Owner's Judy Hicky and Cheryl Goodrich have done a great job creating the ambience. (I've been peeking in the window).The shop is a welcome addition to the revitalized Millbrook retail area. Sandy Lambert's Market and Jim and Brenda Gillis' Perk Me Up coffee shop opened their doors in October. Who would think that Duxbury could claim it's own authentic Mexican cantina? Owners of Yo Taco, Kelly and Norm Laviolette have put us on the map with their incredible food. Their Carne Asada is my personal favorite. Sue and Mike Walker's Benchwarmer's boasts a good sandwich and pizza as well.. You can stop and ship anywhere you'd like with Dawn at Packaging Plus. The former owner of the Millbrook Marketplace Gary Durant, is working hard to open his liquor store across St. George Street, directly beside My Little Bakery - an awesome bakery featuring wonderful baked goods by Jim Chappuis, formerly of the Four Season's Hotel bakery team. There's another great coffee shop right beside the bakery called Uncommon Grounds. Coffee beans are roasted on the premises while the locals chat it up in the corner. At Gloria Peotrowski's adorable store called Once Upon A Time you'll find a great selection of toys and children's books - and the wrap, which is key! We can't forget Far Far's with it's tasty Danish ice cream known here and far. They've closed up for the winter but will be back at the end of April. But I hope you stop by before that!

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  1. what a great write-up Lisa. I can't wait to see all the new shops and I must try that carne asada :)