Monday, January 9, 2012

Apple Love

Way back to what seems like a life time ago – or 1985 – I got my first real job in a corporate in house art department. Luckily the marketing manager at the time was a visionary and somehow convinced the heads of that little electronics company that they needed the new Mac personal computers to create the artwork needed to print catalogs. At that time there really wasn't any page layout programs to speak of - no Word either - and the only graphics programs were incredibly lame. But at the time there were so awesome and I felt so hip and happenin'.
"On the other hand there was a great new little graphics package. It's called Click Art Effects, and it is a quasi Desk Accessory that actually installs itself into MacPaint. This gem will let you rotate a selected MacPaint picture to ANY angle." - an exerpt from a review of the first MacWorld held in 1985

Fast forward 27 years later and I'm still a Mac girl all the way. My home is like a museum  - housing many versions of obsolete Apple products upgraded since I originally bought my own in 1987.

Seals in front of me, Gurnet lighthouse at my back. 
I'm lost without my iPhone. Standing on the tip of the world - looking across to Provincetown in the distance - I was able to take photos of the seals playing in the water below me and send them off to whomever I chose.

Now...why is it I could get 4 bars of service on a windy bluff overlooking the Atlantic ocean but can get only 1 bar, if I'm lucky 2, at HomeGrown?! Ah, that's an issue for a different mogul.

P.S. For all you phone photographers out there - the Kiernan Gallery is calling for entries for their iSpy Camera Phone Photography exhibit. Deadline is January 26.


  1. Seriously!! What is up with that .
    Great photo!!

  2. still a bit slow with my new Mac ;)
    That monitor is classic!