Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Owl Window

I thought I was so clever coming up with an owl theme to welcome this new fall season that's upon us. I wanted something to represent autumn that wouldn't be cliché. Little did I realize that every major player came up with the same idea. The Paper Source catalog sports an owl on its cover and is admittedly "Owl Obssessed" and one could almost expect a surprise appearance by a screaming Tippi Hedren at Pier One there's so many wise fowl in its displays.

Way before it became trendy – or a couple of weeks ago – I invited artists to participate in a challenge to create owl related art. With such short notice I was thrilled to receive two beautiful paintings by Margaret Curran and Sally Dean, both currently on display. Betsey Borden pays tribute everyday to our feathered friend through her business The Snowy Owl.

My contribution was my owl pendants. I also created a paper maché owl lantern to perch upon a knarly old piece of driftwood that my daughter, husband and I salvaged at Duxbury Beach last week. The owl lantern nearly didn't make it however. Each morning after I applied a new coat of soggy paper, I would leave him on my back deck to dry in the warm sun. One evening I returned home to discover my creation floating around in the pool. My daughter urged me to patch him up. The show must go on and I had no time to create a new one from scratch. So there he sits, eyes a glowing, keeping watch on St. George St. each evening from the confines of HomeGrown Arts and Crafts. It was fun though I think I might just make a few more!

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