Monday, September 19, 2011

Moon Gaze Mishap

Last Wednesday night I attempted to attend the first meeting of the Duxbury Art Boosters, a non-profit organization designed to promote and support visual arts in the Duxbury Public Schools. My efforts fumbled due to a couple of locked doors, I quickly gave up and made a mental note to join in next month. I was pretty tired and was looking forward to this season's first episode of Survivor anyway. 

Struck by a conversation I had with Sally Dean earlier that day about the beautiful moon rise the prior evening, I decided to seize the opportunity and drive down the beach and a take a peek for myself. It was a busy week and I thought I really needed to stop and smell the roses. I would have plenty of time to view the moon rise at 7:35 and be back for the big show at 8. 

I crossed the bridge just after the sun set. Passing by a few sun revelers, I secretly patted myself on the back for taking the road less travelled. Sunset, after all, was so last year - I was here to watch the moon. A few stragglers hung out on the boardwalk, I gave them a knowing nod - fellow moon watchers no doubt.

Looking at my iPhone I realized I had about 25 minutes to kill before nature performed. I decided to stroll. People who strolled always looked so relaxed. I wanted to relax, therefore I strolled. Carefully I tucked the new phone into my shallow pockets. The Lycra like cami I was sporting was working double duty, not only was it yielding unwanted jiggling in my midriff it also provided extra security for my lifeline, my phone.

Relaxing, strolling, appreciating the sounds, the was working I could feel my cares and concerns leaving my body. Let me try walking barefoot, I thought, now that'd really be zen like. 7:18, boy this was taking a long time. Continuing to stroll, admiring other strollers, I stumble across this message in the sand:

Bam! I thought - this is just for me! It was right - I was happy. I took a minute or two – might as well, I still had about 13 more to go at that point – to reflect on all my good fortune. Yes, I was tired and a little stressed but it was a good stress. Great children, supportive and loving husband, good friends, wonderful family, a new business where I got to be creative and mingle everyday with other creatives and all the bonus items that are too many to list.

My enlightened moment was cut short as I realized I had to find my shoes before every drop off light left the sky. Backtracking, panicking a little, remembering to stroll, breathe, I eventually found them. 2 minutes now 'til the ball drops.

Stumbling over the millions of rocks scattered across Duxbury Beach, I found the perfect viewing spot. Far enough away from the couples busy with other things not pertaining to the near full moon about to rise. Okay, I'm ready. 7:35. At 7:38, I snickered at my clever text to my daughter at home telling her the moon must've got stuck in traffic because there was no sign of her yet... 7:40 OK,Where is it? Relaxing, breathing, still marveling at what a true romantic and modern day woman I was, down there on the beach by myself. Gloria Steinem would be proud. 7:42. Alright, where's this damn moon? Was I on the right side of the beach? Darker and darker, I make a mental note about how increasingly poor my vision becomes with the lack of light.

I stood quickly with the brilliant idea to walk up to the boardwalk to stand midway assuming I would be at a vantage point to view both the Bay side of the beach, where the sun just set, and the ocean side of the beach, where the moon should be rising. – just in case I was wrong about the exact location of the moon rise.

As I noticed the faint image of the blood red orb finally appearing through the low haze the daunting realization that I was no longer in possession of my car keys hit me like a ton of bricks.

I won't go into the details but let's just say they involved Flashlight apps, lack of iTunes password, children not answering phone(s), husband working overnight, gates in the parking lot, missing Survivor, 9:40, etc... So much for relaxing. But yet another reminder as to what good friends I have - special thanks to Barbara and her little red Jeep for taking time out of her evening to rescue me from my fate.

PS: If anyone finds a Volkswagen key on Duxbury Beach - you know where to find me.

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