Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nantucket Baskets

Nantucket Baskets made their debut in the early nineteenth century as sailors kept busy practicing the craft while manning the lightships off the coast of the island of Nantucket. The introduction of rattan as a basket material retrieved on whaling excursions to exotic destinations rather than the primary local sources of ash, oak and hickory contributed to the definitive look of the Nantucket Basket. The use of wooden molds helped to keep the shapes and sizes of the baskets regulated ensuring accuracy further defining the traditional look. The baskets have become a highly collectable, sought after and valuable form of folk art, many passed down from generation to become prized family heirlooms.

Although we have a great window display planned for mid September, we currently have a few items sitting pretty for all to see. At the moment a brand new Betsey Borden Nantucket Tapestry Basket is taking center stage. Betsey's unique style incorporates materials like turquoise, coconut, hemp, palm inflorescence and silver into a Nantucket Style basket creating tapestry like patterns separated by rows of cane, dyed reed and waxed linen. The basket has a holly rim and a flame maple base. Betsey's creative take on the traditional Nantucket Basket style is refreshing and distinctive. 

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