Friday, December 7, 2012

One Perfect Gift

Well, there's only 18 more days 'til Christmas and if you're at all like me - you're working yourself into a frenzy trying to find gifts for the folks who have everything. Well, I'm lying a little. Every year at this time I'm usually in a frenzy as if it was my very first Christmas and I was new to this gift buying craze. Yesterday at HomeGrown a brand new customer came in and was absolutely delighted to find the perfect gift for some friends in Pennsylvania. They loved to come visit the town of Duxbury and while here they would walk the beach in search of sea glass. After seeing the shadow box framed embossed print of a starfish displayed with sea glass she decided to do the same with the print of a scallop shell. The shell is reminiscent of some of the beach life you'd find here in the northern Atlantic Ocean and the shadow box frame would provide the perfect way to display their sea glass collection. There's also a crab, sea urchin, sand dollar, jelly fish, sea horse, nautilus shell and my favorite - the horse shoe crab. Shipped from my neighbor Packaging Plus  - my customer can cross that one of her list!

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  1. Love it, Lisa. So glad you still have your little studio/Gallery.