Monday, September 24, 2012

Guerrilla Girls

What an impressive sight - a 200 square foot billboard mounted on the back of a flat bed  - rolling up to the steps of the Museum of Fine Arts. A naked women with a gorilla's head flanked the enormous traveling ad. The tiny Montserrat College of Art Gallery sacrificed over 5% of their operating budget on this one effort - to educate a targeted market of art patrons of the fact that only 11% of the artists featured at the MFA are women. The guerrilla campaign was not actually intended to bash the Museum of Fine Arts but to create awareness of the Montserrat's gallery and possibly increase it's attendance level from the mere 4000 visitors it receives annually. Perhaps they should have killed two birds with one stone and attacked the problem of ageism in the art world as well. From what I understand - it's a recent trend that art patrons are far more interested in supporting young emerging artists than those that are rather long in the tooth. What would Whistler's mother say to that?!

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