Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beach Scene Hand Colored Prints

I was on a mission this weekend. My goal was to frame a matted hand colored, hand pressed print of a beach scene I had recently drawn. On Saturday, the conditions were right. After I closed the shop for the day I had just enough sun left to burn a printing plate to use on press. I began by scanning my image and outputting a transparency. I exposed a light sensitive printing plate by laying the transparency over it and holding it in the bright sun for 90 seconds. After the image has been burned to the plate the unexposed areas are washed away using warm tap water. It's laid to dry. Inked up and ready to go, I hand crank the printing plate through the small table top etching press to transfer my image to a sheet of damp printing paper one at a time. Cleaned up and re-inked, we're ready to roll again…and again…and again. The soy ink I use takes its time to dry but by Sunday evening I was able to hand watercolor the printed images. Trying out different palettes on each piece, it becomes addicting. Today I had a chance to sign and frame one of the hand colored prints. What do you think?

Printed, Hand colored, Framed.