Friday, December 9, 2011

Paint Exchange

I meet some very interesting people who come in to HomeGrown. It's a cozy little shop that obviously has a comforting effect. I chat it up with lots of folks. On a recent rainy day two women came inside to look around. Their paint covered outfits peaked my interest. They told me that they were doing a custom decorative paint job on a kitchen island in Duxbury. We talked a little about furniture while we admired Laurie Tonelli of Fresh Coat Studio's style. They mentioned that they also owned The Paint Exchange in North Scituate, a recycled paint manufacturing business. They take old interior latex paint and process it into paint for sale. Now, don't be thinking this is a great spot for dumping all your unused paint. The gals have plenty to work with at the moment. But what an inventive and resourceful way to use a product that would otherwise be landfill or clogging up waterways.

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