Wednesday, November 9, 2011

P is for Pink. P is for Piaf.

Music choices. That's a tough one. I listen to Pandora radio so I'm able to key in exactly what artist or genre of music I'd like to listen to. Now, what you like to listen to on the radio on the way to the grocery store and what you want to listen to for 7 hours straight are usually quite different. And then what I'd tune into isn't necessarily what my customers want to hear. Like today, I'm not sure that the nice older woman (or shall we say vintage - the sounds better, aged, like wine perhaps? - or cheese) who was visiting from Texas really appreciated Pink's explicit version of "Perfect" wailing from the speakers. When that happens I try to leisurely sneak over to the iTouch and switch to Edith Piaf. I love to hear her crooning in French and it fits really nicely with the shop. I just don't want to hear it all day. I actually like to do my artwork in perfect silence often but when customers enter the cone of silence it freaks them out a little.

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  1. Interesting. "The Cone of Silence". I too love the quiet. I think people are so used to going in stores now with music blasting all over the place. I find it annoying and hard to concentrate while shopping.

    I love the sounds of silence.