Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Sad day huh? The passing of Steve Jobs. My life changed because of him and so did the entire world of design. I was formally trained as a graphic designer. The rapidiograph pen and wax machine were my friends. No, not the wax machine that can make you smooth as a baby's bottom. I mean the one that was filled with the oozy, hot as lava, liquid that coated the back of a piece of set type so that the lines of type could be cut into strips and sections to be pasted onto a board to get a page ready to be shot so that the resulting film could make a plate to be used to print the job - whoo! It was a lot of work - but I really enjoy it. Even when the Exacto blade would roll off the drafting board into my leg on occasion - it made each day an adventure ; -) Anyway, when Steve Jobs introduced the first Mac back in the mid '80's my life changed quickly. Luckily for me, the marketing manager at one of my first real jobs jumped on that wagon quickly and equipped us with the little machines with the 9" screen. And now here we are  - what seems like a hundred years later  - with iphones and ipads and ipods. Can't live without them. Rest in Peace Steve Jobs.

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