Thursday, August 4, 2011


Marianne Buckley Curran

I've known Marianne Buckley Curran for about six or seven years now. We first met while taking a children's book workshop together. Instantly I was enamored with her incredible watercolors. She has a great style and a way of illustrating light and water that's amazing. Residing on the South Shore the beauty that surrounds her is evident in her work.

For the past few years I have dedicated myself to the development of my personal artistic voice. 

The creative process, which has given substance to my voice, is not only fed and stimulated visually but also through my additional senses of smell, hearing, taste and touch. 
How best to translate what I experience at the moment of artistic creation then to integrate all these stimuli into the process? The results are truly unique, never wrong, and always spirit driven.

Having the benefit of a seaside location, I can witness first hand the coolness of an ocean breeze, the taste of the salt air, the fine spray upon my face, the crash of the tide upon the bank and the vision of the sun dancing off the surface water. 

It is this example of assimilation that combines with individual uniqueness to create my art.

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