Saturday, August 20, 2011

Here's a Mini Introduction...

I don't usually post on Saturdays but I just wanted to make a quick announcement of our 3 newest artists whose work will be available on Sunday at our opening  - 12-4pm  - and for the late night crowd with id's ;-) 5-8pm. Thought I should mention it quickly because no sooner did their work come in the shop that it started to go back out again in the hands of happy customers. I'll get into more detail about all of them next week.

Markie Mello!

Markie Mello brings to the table awesome handmade wrap bracelets available in single and double twists. A lot of interest in these  - especially with the generation x, no - y? Does anyone know what letter we're up to these days?

Betsey Borden!

Betsey Borden's back and HomeGrown's got her! For years Betsey Borden's shop the Snowy Owl was housed in the same space that HomeGrown is in today. I've heard so much about the talented Ms. Borden and was absolutely delighted when she walked into the shop and introduced herself. A true craftswoman - Betsey does beautiful botanical prints, these incredible starfish that are highly sought after and she is adept at making gorgeous Nantucket Baskets. And that's just a few of her many talents.

Mary Sheehan Winn! 

Mary Sheehan Winn is as delightful as she is talented. Her paintings are colorful and inviting - gregarious - can a painting be gregarious - well Mary is anyway. Just having returned from a weeklong stint in Provincetown her work in the shop is reminiscent of her voyage and we are lucky to have her!

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